10 most intimidating venues in the world classic gold dating

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10 most intimidating venues in the world

Though for what those seats cost, it would be kind of a waste.Opened: 1972Capacity: 17,472 Back when Bobby Knight was throwing 7-year-old-like tantrums and tossing chairs across the court, there wasn't a bad seat in this 17,000-seat palace to witness it.And while you share your view of that famous Carolina blue court with 21,000 of your newest friends, you can look at jerseys from guys named Jordan, Worthy and Mc Adoo, and then remember they played at the Carmichael Auditorium.

Yep, BYU is America's largest LDS university, so beer... Opened: 2013Capacity: 14,970 Outdoing Louisville in the modern arena category is this brand-spanking-new facility in Lincoln, where the Cornhuskers play ball in about as intimate a setting as you can make with 15,000 seats.

Big 12 teams got shut out of the four-team playoff (Hint: everybody loves Urban Meyer), and 2) Every other school starts turning its attention to basketball.

And while March Madness is still the major draw in college hoops, the regular season is fun to watch if for no other reason than to appreciate the history and traditions in the field houses and modern arenas across the country.

The 2004 renovations added a few modern touches, but the sheer size and great views from the cheap seats are what put this on the list.

Opened: 1969Capacity: 7,392 The home of the Stanford Cardinal is probably the only venue in college sports named after a guy called Roscoe, which is pretty badass in and of itself.

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