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From the flint blade, dagger and sheath knife to the pepperbox, derringer and revolver, small concealable but deadly survival weapons have always been and will remain in demand.The superior reliability, effectiveness and capacity for rapid multiple discharge of a self-loading handgun was recognized long before the first “automatic” pistols were perfected in Europe in the 1880-1890 period.A representative of Fabrique Nationale (FN), Hart O.

Man had neither the tough hide of the rhinoceros nor the fleet feet of the gazelle to protect himself from his enemies, nor did he possess the deadly fangs, horns or hooves of the other large animals with which to defeat them.This is a necessarily brief history of John Moses Browning’s earliest pocket pistols.It is a wry commentary on the much-touted “Yankee Ingenuity” and the burgeoning U. arms industry of the 1890’s that three great American inventors of automatic weapons found it necessary to travel to Europe to find a market for their inventions. Browning, all of whom made major contributions to automatic weapons design and the technology of their mass production, could not at first gain acceptance of their ideas in the United States.Perhaps because of his own love for shooting, Browning applied the principles used in the military .32 model to a smaller and simpler pistol, the prototype of which was also completed in 1897.The inventor was fond of the little gun and was accustomed to carrying it in his pocket during hikes on spring evenings in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains near Ogden, Utah.

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