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It would not be easy work, but the parents count on a well cared for baby.She asked me to stay downstairs, as the parents may frown upon a male helping with their babies.One by one she brought the babies down and laid them in separate cribs.Each baby had its own separate hook on the wall for their diaper bags.She had to keep the bra on because she said "her milk flow was constant".When one of the bra cups was closed, she always had a nursing pad on to prevent leaking. Something I have always wanted to do is run a nursery.

She opened the door to a large room that was transformed into a nursery.

It was a normal early Tuesday morning when I got a call from her.

She asked if I could take the day off work and come help her do some work around her house. I arrived at her house on time, and she answered the door.

The parents are given her expressed (pumped) milk to feed their babies at nights and weekends.

Nana will also do night calls if a baby is especially fussy or runs out of milk.

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There was probably a total of 1 hour during the day where she wasn't nursing at least 1 baby.

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