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I would encourage you to find it within yourself to not try and come between that relationship.It will only cause you heartache every time, and in reality, you are putting your husband in an impossible situation by asking him to choose.My father and his new wife make every family get together and holiday difficult.His wife has an odd work schedule and my Dad thinks everyone should change their plans to accommodate her.What I see is that while she has never "respected" your relationship with your husband, you are also not respecting the relationship she has with her father.You may not agree with her gay lifestyle or her "getting married", but the relationship between father and daughter still stands.I am happily remarried and thank god I live in another state. Gloria Answers: Congratulations on your successful remarriage and your new beginning!I'm so glad that you aren't losing sight of all that you are blessed with now while you still work to resolve some of the issues from your past.

So, with that in mind, let's explore your options that you have control over.

What he does with the information and your request is completely up to him then.

It's a risk, but one well worth taking for both of you!

In dealing with family issues like this, a central question is this: What do you have control over and what don't you have control over?

You have control over how you think, your overall attitude, and your actions.

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Some of the times the children accept the new relationships - that's what we all hope for.

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