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Joe first described popular singer cum actress Demi as her little sister, and after a few weeks, they started dating and shocked the world.

Their relationship lasted for four months in 2010 and Demi had to go to a rehab.

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Joseph Adam Jonas, popularly known as Joe Jonas is a popular American singer.Joe was born in Casa Grande, Arizona on 15th August 1989. Joe is a popular TV actor and along with his brothers, he appeared in the movie Camp Rock. He parted ways with his brothers in 2011 to bring out his solo album which failed.He became a songwriter for a lot of famous singers, and ultimately, in 2014, he formed his new band DNCE and brought out their debut album Cake By The Ocean in 2015.If you are looking for swinger sex, create a FREE ad now!Joe Jonas current girlfriend is Sophie Turner and rumors are that they got engaged.

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They were brought together by Joe’s ex-girlfriend Mandy.

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