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You are too attached, don’t give ANY breathing room [ ] 26. You are an entrepreneur, at least you claim to be with no real business in site aka you refuse to work [ ] 30. Let me know if you would add anything else to this list!!

You borrow money and never offer to return it [ ] 29. You have poor judgment and even worse insight on alot of things [ ] 33. Let you friends know to check out this blog (LIFE WITH DONY) and also my YT channel (LIFE WITH DONY) where I am giving free advice to help them live their best life and not their best lies.

Being single can be an incredible, life-affirming experience.

It can also be a slog that feels akin to dragging your heart through mud that seems to like you, then never texts you back.

You’re in a relationship with someone thats in a relationship with someone else [ ] 45. Let me just say, its not usually just one of the reasons but a combination of multiple of these reasons so’re on the relationship struggle bus then these may be the reason why.Here, 12 women share the thoughts that helped them when they thought they'd never find real love.Related: 21 Things You Deserve In A Relationship"I'm a previous serial dater who found love.Both feelings are valid, and if you're single for some time, chances are you'll swing between the two.But in those moments when you worry you'll be single forever—which isn't a death sentence, because a life on your own can be wonderful in its own right—it can help to hear from women who have been in the exact same place.

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