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As in many states during the l990s, educational reform efforts in Missouri addressed educational curriculum revision which had become closely tied to school districtsaccreditation, assessment procedures, and staff evaluation.Pleasing the constituencies, parents, business, and communities, while simultaneously addressing test scores, community values, and student needs, found principals and teachers torn between understanding what to present, how to teach, and when to test.A traditionally accepted view of educational curriculum states that it (curriculum) is the information which should be taught with the underlying purpose of standardizing the behaviors of the society by educating the young in the traditions and rituals of that culture (Beyer & Liston, l996; Borrowman, l989; Glatthorn, l987; Tanner & Tanner, l995). Monson and Monson (l993) presented the need for collaborative, sanctioned revision by all stakeholders with an emphasis on the performance of teacher leaders.Likewise, Glatthorn (l987) offered that beliefs and behaviors of each ethnic group or geographical area were developed in order to foster and teach children specific skills necessary for the transition from childhood to adulthood, thereby sustaining or advancing the convictions of that culture. It has been suggested that the educational community must include those not usually considered to be at the leading edge of school reform initiatives.The results of this study indicated that combined with number one above, the revision process, training, conversations, and review, must be long-term and periodic.Teachers indicated that identify, revise, experience, and review would be a much more effective method of actually revising the taught curriculum than the method commonly used of revising and moving on.The study sample consisted of educational practitioners employed by public school districts within the Southeastern quadrant of Missouri.A total of l47 districts were included in the initial research sample.

Accepting that changing an educational curriculum can be a challenge, the involvement of all stakeholders, especially individuals who are directly involved in student instruction, is an especially vital piece in successful curriculum revision.

The classroom practitioners represented the core content areas of math, science, English, and history as well as physical education, vocational education, and all special programs within the traditional educational program.

The number of participants and the number/size of school districts were limited and located solely within the Southeastern quadrant of the state of Missouri.

Overwhelmingly, districts provided in-service training, and respondents considered this an essential element in the success of a curriculum revision project.

Teachers and principals both agreed that the traditional one-shot in-service program was inadequate.

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This section deals with creating effective instruction through careful planning and wise curricular choices.

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