Anti child dating websites

Posted by / 30-May-2020 15:16

And be wary if someone online, after a short time of corresponding, professes strong feelings for you and asks to chat with you privately.Always create and use a unique email address different from your personal or professional addresses when setting up a dating website profile.

For example, make sure the profile picture doesn’t look different to their description of themselves. Has your ‘date’ told you they are university educated, but their English is very poor?

They will try to play on your sympathy and strike when you are the most vulnerable.

Red flags should be raised if they want you to use instant messaging or email very soon after initially making contact, taking you away from the dating site where you originally met.

If you think a profile is fake or suspicious, check the website for details on how to report it and follow the process.

Usually, there will be links or buttons on profiles to block or report individuals.

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