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Thank you to the millions of users who have helped Turn Camera On grow into the most popular way to turn your camera on, whether online with your phone or computer!It’s been a long journey, from our initial product offering simple, efficient ways to turn your computer’s camera on, up through to the high-definition versions that now work across device types.You’re off to school and you want to keep a close eye on friends and family, which means you may want one of the best webcams for your PC.Whether you’re using Skype, Facebook, Discord, or any number of apps for video chat, it’s nice to know that your calls are going out clean and clear.It doesn’t have controls on it like it shows in the video of how to setup.I’m sure once it works it is probably awesome, but at the moment, it’s worthless. I’ve done quite a bit of writing my own computer programs, at one point using machine language. I will work on it to see if I can correct the issue and get it working and post back if I do. After uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, it magically started working.Fortunately for all of us, you don't need a mirror if you have access to a webcam! If your device is built-in (like on a Macbook or Chromebook), you don't need to check the connection with the computer.

We’re proud that, with the feature requests you’ve submitted, we’re now supported across platforms.Plus, because we’ve included our exclusive price comparison tool, you can find a great deal on the best webcams. I start the app viewer on my computer and all I see is a blank white page.While it’s true that most laptops or all-in-one PCs come with an HD webcam already built in, many desktop PC users require an external solution.Luckily, there are quite a few options out there to choose.

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