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The solution I was hoping to find was to inform ADO which field(s) are the key to the table. "Brian Bushay Team B" I'm using Delphi 6 Enterprise with SP2.

I know this is possible, but cannot find out how this is done from D7. I have a form that has a couple of grids and databound controls.

I've read some time ago in this NG (I believe) that you can limit the ADO where statement construct by informing the ADO recordset about this primary key (or rather: dropping the other fields). Since then inserting a new row gives the error "Row cannot be located for updating".

He has to scan the whole db to find all possible candidates and if he finds too many, or none, he cant update anything. The default for ADO generating SQL is to use all the fields and values you originally queried from the database to find the in your database. Is there a way to set the SQL generation to just use the key? I delete one record and when I reopen my app I find that two have been deleted instead. "Brian Bushay Team B" Yes, I have a single column meaningless integer key for each table. I was about to resort to submitting the SQL myself, using the statement that you showed below.

Recently added an insert/update trigger to a table in SQL Server to populate some fields from a 2nd table.

Since then inserting a new row gives the error "Row cannot be located for updating".

I think problem is related to the fact that ADO tries to calculate number of affected rows and for doing that it use a where clause built on the changed columns but using values it had on the client.

2004-01-06 AM delphi88 First of all best wishes to everyone. In my application, I use a t Ado Data Set with a simple Command Text like "select * from Customer".

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traditional solutions include: problem 1: start the application, execute the code: if the new value happens to match what's already in the database, I get the error at position "B".

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