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What was important to me was that our marriage be recognised by the Church.

Alexandra: We signed a notarial marriage contract and in that contract are rules as to what would happen to the children should we separate.

The tone of the warning is unusually direct for today's ecumenical climate, in which organized religions are at pains to express their tolerance of other cultural backgrounds.

Referring to women as the "least-protected member of the Muslim family," it says that "bitter experience" shows the difficulties facing European women who marry Muslim men.

He said that a distinction must be made between religious belief and social custom.

He acknowledged that some countries that are mainly Muslim have customs and cultures in which women are not treated as they should be.

The Catholic Church, like most major religions, does not favor religiously mixed marriages, and has set restrictions on them.

He has made history by being the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to pray in a mosque, and he has sought to heal the ancient wounds between Christians and Jews.

But in spite of the general feelings of goodwill towards other religions that the Holy See has sought to generate since the groundbreaking Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, there is still concern about interfaith marriages.

Catholic theologian Richard Puza, of Tuebingen University in Germany, added a few words to the debate.

He noted that regardless of the tone of the Vatican statement, the fact remains that the church does at least allow marriage between Catholics and Muslims.

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