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--- From his Wikipedia page: Christopher Todd Titus (born October 1, 1964) is an American comedian and actor. Titus came to national attention with the eponymous FOX show Titus,[1] of which he was the star, executive producer and co-creator.Time called the show "brutal, hilarious and audacious", while Newsday called him "TV's most original comic voice since Seinfeld".Comedy Central Records released a double CD of Neverlution on June 28, 2011, and the special aired on Comedy Central on July 3, 2011.[6] The 105 minute Neverlution DVD was available for pre order on August 3, 2011 and shipped on August 15, 2011.[citation needed] In a change from his earlier deals with distribution companies Titus got the rights to his special and will only distribute it through his website Titus believes that the web will make it so that artists can make the most with their art and support their fans better.[7] The Voice in My Head Titus' fifth stand up act is called The Voice in My Head.This resulted in Titus having a nervous breakdown on his flight a week after her funeral.His father, Ken Titus, died in 2001 of cardiac arrest.Chris Titus dedicated his entire Norman Rockwell is Bleeding special and an episode of his show Titus ("The Pendulum," where Christopher is in a coma following a racecar crash and Ken [played by Stacy Keach] narrated the episode, "Christopher's Neutral Space") to his late father.[citation needed] Titus would claim that although his father "never missed a beer in his life, or a joint, or a party, or a chance to get laid," he also "never missed a day of work, or a house payment, or a car payment.

Early life Titus was born in Castro Valley, California to Ken and Juanita C. Angel notes: Actually, her last husband's name was Holmes, her maiden name was apparently Herman).His mother suffered from manic-depression, schizophrenia and was an alcoholic. At the age of four, he was taken away from his father and given to his grandparents on his mother's side.His father planned to kidnap him back and inadvertently told a man about his plans who turned out to be a local district attorney.It was recorded in October 2008 for Comedy Central and aired on February 14, 2009.[4] Neverlution Titus' fourth stand up act is called Neverlution.[5] He debuted it at the Montreal Comedy festival in 2010 to standing ovations.In it, Titus talks about bringing the country back to its former glory, the new generation, and politics.

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In this special Titus talked about life in America since 9/11, becoming a parent, his dad passing away, and scandals that had recent high press coverage.[citation needed] Love is Evol Love is Evol deals with his divorce from Erin (renamed "Kate" in the special for legal reasons) whom he stated was turned into "a demon slithering from the fiery depths of Satan's anus" during the divorce proceedings, and the toll that abusive relationships take on people, among other things.

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