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What’s wrong with her sitting in front, does it mean she might get big ideas and vote blue? Hopefully, the incels will stop harassing us now that they have a platform to shout their views on that will not make them seem less attractive, and the Serena Joys who voted for the sitting president can find their Commander Waterfords. (Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Kate (she/her) says sorry a lot for someone who is not sorry about the amount of strongly held opinions she has.Raised on a steady diet of The West Wing and classic film, she is now a cosplayer who will fight you over issues of inclusion in media while also writing coffee shop AU fanfic for her favorite rare pairs.However, there’s now an app for those right-wing men and women who long to get into the dating scene but don’t want to get swiped left or be faced with someone who’ll call them on their bullshit. The very name of the app sounds like an SNL sketch. If I had to make a parody title for a conservative dating app, that would be one I rejected for being too on the nose.Their twitter also plays out like a parody account to, with a few greatest hits.You can sort profiles by political affiliation, of course, as well as age, gender, city, and education.Other filters include religion, ethnicity, appearance, lifestyle, and hobbies.At Match, you’ll find more conservative daters all in one place than anywhere else in the world.

It’s easy to know that conservative men want to oppress women like we’re in the second coming of Gilead, but to see it marketed as a romantic thing is skin-crawlingly creepy. Their Twitter feed is a mess of offensive, hateful political tweets, proving that this is an app mostly aimed for white, cishet people to meet up to drink champagne as the rest of us try to survive the administration.

With those differing political opinions also comes specific dating preferences, which is why our experts have narrowed down the top 13 dating sites for conservative singles.

Not only do these sites align with your views, but they’re also free in a variety of ways.

There’s Tinder, of course, and a spate of other apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Ok Cupid, as well as members-only platforms like Raya and the League.

But some right-leaning folks say they’ve struck out on these platforms because would-be matches don’t agree with their politics — “Trump supporters swipe left” is a common refrain.

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Dating sites for specific groups of people tend to work out nicely if you’ve got something you’re really looking to connect over.

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