Cosmetic health dating magazine

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Cosmetic health dating magazine

The advice remains not to abuse them, to optimize the number of pads by using them to their maximum potential, and of course to throw them in general waste, not in the toilet.•Throw away cosmetics after the expiry date, which varies and depends on when the product was opened.For this reason, although it might seem obvious, don’t have too many similar products open at the same time, to avoid the risk of not finishing them when expected and having to dispose of them before you need to.•Avoid scrubs and toothpastes that contain microplastics: these are dangerous for the environment, they enter the fish food chain and then end up on our plates.Can you explain “the dot method” PREP Cosmetics teaches in their Sun Guide?

How did you get your kids to understand the importance of daily SPF?There are studies showing a direct link between oxybenzone and octinoxate contributing to coral bleaching.These chemicals, even in a very small amount, are harming oceans and ocean life, so I can only imagine what they are doing to the human body.That's why it’s important to pay attention to packaging and to choose products that claim not to use microplastics.•Finally, now it's the summer holidays, make sure you use your favorite products in the shower in your bathroom: it is not always a good idea to use showers on the beach to wash with soap, as some of them may be connected directly to the sea instead of to a drain.Kelly Barker had always been vigilant about applying her children’s sunscreen at the pool or soccer tournaments, but a 2013 conversation over coffee with another mom completely changed her perspective.

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We only use zinc oxide, which is the safest and most effective sunscreen filter that defends your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

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