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Be careful of people asking for email, messenger IDs, phone numbers, or any other personal information these people may be getting your information to sell to spammers.Some people who ask you to add them on an instant messenger will only add you to ask you to go to their ‘live cam’ page or to visit their pay-per minute site.There are many scams targeting people trying to get a cyber session do not give any one your credit card number!Some links can be extremely harmful for your computer if you click on them.

Sex Chat room safety tips: In these times of online acquaintances, friendships, and relationships, you may want to be careful how much personal information you share.

We suggest that you not click on the links in the lobby unless it is to the sites permitted by the rules.

Unless you want to have your email sold to spammers, don’t give your email or instant messenger IDs out to people who you meet in the chat room.

Many participants choose to open a new email and/or messenger account that is separate from their everyday account.

This assists them in keeping things separate, and makes it easier should they want to close the account.

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This is the reason for not allowing links besides a few select sites to be posted in the lobby.