Dating a nonchristian chinese girl saturday night live dating game

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Personally I think that a Christian male of any race or colour has an excellent chance of finding a Chinese woman who is Christian or can be persuaded to adopt the Christian faith.

I have met a number of wonderful Christian women both on the CLM and ALM sites.

In total then we have about 475 million Chinese women who either are Christian or are not necessarily against becoming Christian.

At times, it may seem like compromise may be in order to help improve their social life, but relationship expert Cribbs warns that this might not be a good move in the long run.

As the Scriptures say they don't want to be "unequally yoked," which comes from the image of two oxen joined together and each wants to go into a different direction.

Linda Chen writes in her blog entitled, "Why Chinese Women Like Western Men," that one of the major reasons is that they can't find a Chinese Christian husband.

If half of those are men then there are 1 billion male Christians in the world.

Let's assume that 50% of those are single men of an age to be interested in a long term relationship, which I suggest is a very high assumption.

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One good example is Rashan, a 34-year-old professional single woman who is the mother of three young children.

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