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Like Louise said above though, I think some can be a bit cocky (a couple of lads I went to school with are in the marines now) but that it down to the person, I severely doubt all marines are like that. i would look more at personality, but having said that im not keen of tough, violent people..

I also think that being in the armed forces, especially serving in an active war zone can have quite serious repercussions on the mental health of a lot of servicemen (and women) and I think it would be very difficult to help somebody overcome the fact they might have killed somebody, or watched their friend die in conflict etc.

Steve Willis (born 5 June 1976), also known as Commando Steve, is an Australian personal trainer and television personality.

He appeared on the Australian version of The Biggest Loser as a trainer from 2007 until 2015. While working as a labourer, he studied personal training and specialises in Cross Fit. During a 2009 Cross Fit competition, he came fourth out of 75 male competitors.

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Speaking to Nick Galvin of The Sydney Morning Herald, Willis said, "When it comes to the training and my ethos, Steve Willis and the screen persona 'The Commando' are the same person.