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If financial matters are prompting your termination, you may wish to consider the following: The average parent has found the price difference between doing it themselves and diaper service is only about .00 a week.

This is taking into consideration soaps, water, electricity, wear and tear, finding the high quality diapers themselves, plus your time and labor.

Thank you for joining the movement to build a better world from the bottom up! If your little one is already here and you are making the change to cloth diapers, you will receive your first delivery next TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY (depending on where you live) and regular weekly deliveries will begin right away.

Yes, when you receive your first set of diapers and your starter package you will be given a heavy duty diaper pail that is yours as long as you are using the diaper service. It has a “teddy bear cage” that can hold a carbon filter that allows airflow for the diapers (a MUST for a cloth diaper pail! With each delivery you will take your clean diapers out of your green delivery bag then use the bag to line the pail.

For plastic (disposables), most parents have found there to be a 15% INCREASE in your monthly costs versus our diaper service, in addition to the impact on the environment, and the unhealthy chemicals and materials coming into contact with your baby.

Even though disposables advertise that they keep wetness from your baby’s skin and you can sometimes leave them on a little longer, body waste mixes with those dangerous chemicals to form gases that stay trapped in the diaper and thus against your baby’s tender skin.

Use 100% natural cotton diapers, delivered to your door every week!

All the benefits of cloth diapers, with none of the hassle!

Most importantly, your decision to not use single use diapers conserves our natural resources and positively impacts the environment tremendously! We will schedule your first delivery 1-2 weeks before your due date and then place your service on hold until you have notified us that your baby has arrived.We will deliver your diapers as usual the during the week before you leave (and if you would like, we will include some Bamboo Nature single-use diapers to take with you).You will use your cloth diapers as usual until you leave for vacation.As long as the dirty diapers are left in the pail in a cool dry location (like in your basement if you do not plan on leaving the air conditioning on while you are gone), they will be fine until your next diaper exchange.We will obviously skip your diaper exchange the week that you are gone and then resume on your next regularly scheduled delivery day when you return.

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We hope that during the “diapering period” of your baby’s life that our service was everything and more than you hoped for from a diaper service.

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