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Guests were surprised to find out that their spa day was in fact the wedding.Give us a reason why to not love Diona Reasonover: The smart, sensational comedian and actress has more than just star qualities going for her, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.Diona acknowledges that, which is one of the reasons why she puts such a personal touch on her character on the show.Charmaine comes across like a “Detroit girl,” which is where Diona grew up.

Yet Diona still thinks that she has her work cut out for her. We’re going to see a lot of development of her character in upcoming episodes. And I think that’s fun to explore.” The comedy merges a sense of home with the gratification of being around those that you can say almost anything around.So seeing George and [his partner] Richie (played by Reginald Vel Johnson), they create this whole dynamic, and I think that it’s important that we realize that this community is that.” So far, that kind of specialized representation works.There has been nothing but positive vibes coming from Diona when talking about the show’s direction and future.Traditionally, there isn’t a lot of representation of older queer people, and George is that too.I feel like sometimes we think that queerness stops once you hit 30, and then we are all just old people with cats, and no one has sex anymore.

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“We shot the pilot a year ago, so we literally had a year to hang out and become friends,” Diona explains. Every Tuesday, we will watch and live tweet it; it’s really fun.