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Dating disaster blogs

So for this blog post, I wanted to share with you my top five favourite characters from The Drought and The Flood, and hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight to what lad lit is all about. Kelly Campbell Kelly is probably the most challenging character I have to write about, because unlike the other female characters in the books, she is actually quite normal!

But with that normality comes great responsibility.

I said when you have a successful blog, you can tell me how to take photographs. He showed me the Mecca of dating apps out there and the stereotypes attached: Bumble for i Phone (I’m a Samsung gal for photo quality purposes) but hear it’s female friendly from many people who enjoy it; Tinder, the hookup app spawned from the gay hookup app Grindr, and Coffee Meets Bagel, also a female-friendly app where if you choose each other, then you talk -- no one million messages to ignore.

On CMB, I met a surgeon who later showed me an X-ray of a person with a light bulb up their butt.

She was brilliant to write about, and secretly I think I’d like to date her too… The king of the chat-up lines with a small-man syndrome, Jack is the guy you probably warn your friends against dating, but can’t help but warm to once you get to know him.

He is the little devil that lives inside each and every man, even though we might not show it quite as much as Jack.

It got my thinking about the characters in my Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series.

Part of moving to Philly was to spread my wings and fly, expand my brand and hopefully find a love nest along the way.Facebook soon dominated, but I tried to keep it a safe haven --friends and family space.The one time I broke my own rule, I ended up with a passive aggressive guy who was sulking when I went to visit my family for the holidays after one date. The one time I tried Chemistry it told me I had no matches.I think everyone has a friend like Ollie – the sort of guy who would do anything for you, but is as thick as two short planks!No matter what the situation the boys get themselves into, you can guarantee that Ollie will always say or do the wrong thing to make things even worse.

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