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Dating gibson ukuleles

It is a top-of-the-line hardshell case with a plush green interior.Neatly painted on the top of the case in large gold letters is the name "DOC MORRIS".More knowledgeable sellers will indicate which style the Martin is.However, less well informed sellers, such as on e Bay or in junk shops, will often not know what style the uke is. Whether the new ones match up to the quality of the old ones is an area of dispute.These are so worn that they are barely visible and not completely legible.The Martin style 2 ukulele is a late 1940s model with the Kluson keystone tuners that only were used by Martin for several years following World War II. The body of the ukulele is solid but has considerable playwear on each of the upper bouts.

We recently purchased a pair of ukuleles that formerly were owned by Ralph "Doc" Morris. The two ukuleles we received were a late 1940s Martin style 2 and an ukulele distributed by the Stadlmair company in the 1920s.Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around.There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins.The inside of the pamphlet feautures the full line of Gibson banjo-ukuleles, five models in all. One card lists the call letters of nine different radio stations, all of which seem to have operated out of the Los Angeles area in the mid to late 1920s.Outside of the photograph caption, the pamphlet makes no mention of Morris, so we'll take a look at some of the other items in the case to try to learn a little more about him. This card mentions the "Daily Hot Shots" on KMIC, a show with which Morris was apparently involved. It features Morris's name and his chosen nickname: "The Duke of the Uke".

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The entire Miami line was endorsed by ES "Ukulele" Hughes.

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