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They have heard another denial of Paul’s teaching on top of their former pastor’s denial of Christ.

It’s meant to sound soft and better than Paul, but the Church will be worse off for neglecting the proper Scriptural protocol.

Many Christians do not agree with Paul’s response to Hymenaeus and Alexander because they have not been taught about Biblical justice, a subject Paul emphasized as much as grace.

Remember, it was Paul who told a false prophet who hindered his ministry to “go blind,” and he did!

On the other hand, I know the Bible is emphatic about God’s rebuke of corrupt politicians; He did so through many godly messengers from Moses to Jeremiah, from John the Baptist to Jesus.

Yet many Christian leaders do the opposite: they are bold to denounce other Christian preachers, but are too cowardly to mention anything political.

He had not developed the stability and maturity to handle his call.

,” the same who later equivocated about his sexual purity message to a generation of millennials, the same who started dating and found his wife Shannon, and the same who has announced today (29 July 2019) that he is divorcing his wife, has publicly renounced his faith in Christ.

He has also apologized on Instagram for his extreme views against the LGBT community, From the height of his book sales (over 1 million copies sold) to the depth of his renunciation, twenty-two years have passed.

Time-tested ones are usually dense, deep, but safer than our popular titles. 3) My job as a Christian minister is to teach the Bible, which means not to focus on my pet doctrines or favorite parts of the Bible only, but to cover a wide variety of topics and emphasize what the Bible emphasizes.

Even so, I always compare what any Christian author says with what the Bible says. (2 Timothy 4:2) 4) The Bible does not address dating clearly, but it is emphatic about the judgment of Sodom, to the degree that Jesus made it the reference point in his predictions about the last generation.

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