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His maternal grandmother, Veronica, filled in many of the gaps that his mother’s necessary absence created, and she became very influential in Jim’s life.Even from a young age Jim was a bustle of activity.He was there to give them a listening ear and had an intuitive understanding into what was going on in their lives.

Jim’s high school years found him at Washington Park High School where he played football.This work motivated Jim to fully apply himself to his studies as he did not want to have a career at the foundry.Not to be forgotten during this time was Jim’s introduction to the young woman with whom he would write a love story that would span nearly 50 years.In addition to holding down his studies, he worked at the Corner House Restaurant in Racine where he bussed tables. After graduating from high school in 1961, Jim went on to University of Wisconsin in Madison with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist.He worked hard during the summers at a steel foundry in Racine to put himself through school.

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