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A thousand butterflies kiss at my skin, and I long to feel the softness of your lips.While I know we will again be together, my yearning in your absence only cements the true depth of my passion.Many have asked what happened to create this new and better me. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with all the longing and excitement I feel when I think of you. May each be better than the last if that is even possible.Sincerely, Dave Darling Jake, At night, I lie down and imagine you are here with me.I want to kiss those lips so deeply it takes your breath away and thrills you with promises of pleasures to come. You can create the mood by envisioning what you would say and do if your partner were there, or you can light some candles, put on some music and create the mood that way.For now, you can imagine what those pleasures might be, and tonight, I'll fulfill those promises. The second step to writing a passionate missive is to envision your partner's reaction to what you are writing.

I want you as much today as I did when our love was new, and everything you do shows me you feel the same way about me.

Dearest Amanda, I never knew how joyous life could be until I saw your face.

My heart leaps like a hummingbird in flight every time I see you.

A sweet love letter can help convey what you may be too shy to say in person, or it can be just the beginning of expressing feelings for your lover.

These four examples also offer letters you can use as a starting point for writing your own love letter.

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I imagine the heat of your body pressed against mine; the hardness of your muscles nestling against the softness of mine.

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