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Dating profile tips for guys

Especially if you have a less common eye color like blue or green.

You neither want to be with too few or too many people.

Women want to feel like you have enough common interests that they can see themselves spending the rest of their life with you, starting from day one.

One word of warning here: if the activity you showcase is in a group setting, you will be judged by the other people in your photo.

For brown eyes, it can look really cool to have light reflecting in them. If you can make your eyes stand out in some way, you’ll stand out.

Pictures that tend to feature your eyes really tend to stand out. Two, when someone else takes your picture, it lets potential matches know that you actually have friends and family who’ll take your picture and Three, it shows that you’re putting effort into making a great first impression.

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It could also be where you are instead of what you’re doing.

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  1. Every day he charted his height, weight, what he ate that day, what he weighed, what he read, watched, who he talked to, etc. When I found him on Facebook later that night—after we hooked up—I realized he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. " -Ellen, 22"A group of us went to Miami for spring break, where we used Tinder as a way to figure out where to go each night.