Dating show for big women

Posted by / 13-Feb-2021 19:41

It was a high-stakes representation of the same issues in dating they come up against in real life, played out on screen and in bikinis.

A plus-size contestant would go through a similar thing, and it would be awful to watch.

Anyone who enters Love Island will have gone in there because the producers have deemed them attractive.

They likely have hundreds of DMs from people thirsting over them.

But as tempting as it is to crow that Love Island should be more realistic, that it should represent the general public rather than just some perfectly toned, superhuman elite, I don’t want to see plus-size people on the show. Definitely not Love Island size, but I can still buy clothes from the high street (most of the time, and often in the largest size).

My thighs rub, my stomach has rolls when I sit down, and an easy insult trolls can throw at me is that I’m fat. When you throw a bunch of attractive people in bikinis into a villa and ask them to express their sexual desires, there will inevitably be some form of rejection.

Throw in romantic rejection plus the knowledge that people on the internet are picking your body apart during your every appearance on camera and you’re placing someone in a dangerously vulnerable position.I don’t want plus-size people to be excluded from Love Island because I hate bodies that aren’t a size 10, but because I have that body, and I know full well what it would be like to see someone who isn’t super slim on a show like Love Island. Someone won’t be another’s type on paper, someone will be dumped because another hotter person comes in, and there’ll be a contestant who – for reasons that just don’t seem to make sense – will be left single over and over again.And because what’s considered desirable is societal, the little microcosm of our culture that is Love Island will reflect that same judgement.We don’t need to see the toxic, fatphobic environment of love played out on screen for the world to enjoy.We don’t need to watch a woman’s crisis of confidence in high definition, or to hear men debating why exactly they don’t want to couple up with her.

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