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Dating simulator 6 21

They both kind of stumble over their sentences when they want to get the last word in though.Both of them enjoy watching sports, as well as hiking & rock climbing. Faint Gaming (AKA ) is kind of a mystery shrouded in a sad backstory.A bit at a loss for words more often than not, she's back from a leave of absence.

While Faint-chan tends to be quiet and reserved, she enjoys playing strategy-based games, horror movies, and painting still life.Here's a SFW (for now) sample from Vocaroo to prove it. Yl Ij In donating to this Kickstarter for this visual novel for promoting competitive TF2 in the lowest possible way, you help me fund the artists, Ren Py programmers, and voice actresses I purchased from fivver with what was supposed to be my entire Copenhagen Games budget plus drinking money, just to make this pitch. It's time to give TF2 the disrespect it absolutely so very, very much deserves.To donate to the Kickstarter, please click here and help me get my CPG drinking money back. Right there's no easy way to pitch this so I'm just gonna go ahead: [img] PWO.png[/img][b]Team High School II[/b] is a 14 (or 18 , see below* for details) visual novel concept pitch to basically get more weeaboos playing competitive TF2. If you can impress said girls, you might have a shot at getting to know them better*.She has a pet tortoise named Yuri, and enjoys bantering with literally everybody she can banter with. WWx OY7SVIFT (AKA ) doesn't really do conventional girly stuff, and as such usually hangs around the video game & sports clubs with the guys a bit more. Coming from a rich family that has an empire across the world in their market, SVIFT-chan tries to get things done as fast as possible in order to focus on getting more things done.While SVIFT-chan definitely leans towards sports and determined gaming, she's got a soft spot for fashion. Ascent twins (AKA ) used to be inseparable, until EU-chan was noticed and singled out by by the Enrolled and Upstanding senior students. Ascent NA-chan, the more jumpy and clumsy of the two, actually has a lot of skill when it comes to competition, but doesn't outwardly show it as much as their more confident counterpart, Ascent EU-chan.

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If you donate to the Kickstarter, this game gets: [list] [*] English voice acting [*] R18 uncensored scenes* [/list] Don't believe me?

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