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For example, entrepreneur and successful blogger Troy Dean publishes newsletters on a weekly basis.

Troy Dean, along with the other 40%, recognize how important these campaigns are for customer engagement. Put it this way, statistics show that 80% of newsletter readers will spend more time on a given site, compared to non-readers.

On the right of the editor this is the template and on the left this is all the blocks, contents, settings of the template.

But what if I told you, by doing so, you are missing out financially? This makes newsletters the top email marketing method.

Keep that statistic in mind, as I fire another interesting fact at you.

On your website, you probably installed a template so your content is always formatted the same way and respects some graphic rules.

You can do the same thing for a Newsletter so once your own template is created, you will simply add some content in the main area of your template and you're done.

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Below is an example of a good email newsletter, one produced by the company Nosh On. Again, what do you think makes this newsletter great?

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