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Having high self-esteem and confidence allow you to live your life to its full potential. Work on yourself to become the best person who you can be and to improve all aspects of your life. A man who loves and cares for a woman will think for her best interest more than himself.

It’s ok to be scared of finding love, but your fears could be stopping you from having the relationship you deserve.

❌Melbourne - 2019 - SOLD OUT ❌Bangkok - 2020 - SOLD OUT ❌Montréal - 2020 - SOLD OUT ❌Los Angeles - 2020 - SOLD OUT . Endless short bursts of information at the tap of a thumb is lulling us into a docile state of compliance and dopamine addiction . -I VERY rarely scroll through Facebook or Instagram.

Premier cities are selling out all around the globe: . GET COLD APPROACH FOR IPHONE & IPAD USING THE LINK IN BIO. Our attention span is a joke, and it's rapidly getting worse .

Before you get the job (woman), you must first know if you are qualified for it. Some people say things without careful consideration of their words. If you haven’t get rejected, you haven’t taken the risk. Whatever you constantly say about yourself, you’ll make it to be true.

Instead of being a victim, you are in control of your life. Once a woman feels lucky to be with you, then she will never want to leave. He doesn’t need to be with her if he know he can’t give her what she wants - it could be a… Treat a relationship like a job, a career, or a business. Say what you want to say without the need of anyone’s approval.

Respect and compassion are attractive traits in a person.

These traits will attract the real, quality women to you. What I want for you is to live life happily and without limitations.

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