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Collaborating with diverse creators, like Ally Pankiw, is so crucial because they can help that narrative stay authentic.” The singer continued, “I met Ally about eight years ago, when we were working at American Apparel and addicted to high waisted shiny leggings.

We’ve been friends since and have always supported each other’s crafts.

We wanted to pair up different couples that might not have an easy time closing the distance between them - whether across physical space, time, or even in spite of preconceived notions - and watch what would happen as they fell in love." “As a queer filmmaker,” she continued, “I'm always looking to feature diverse kinds of love on screen - whether that be queer couples, or in this more heightened case, dates between people who might have a uniquely hard time making it work - like a sailor and a mermaid, a cowboy and a surf bum, and even a devil and an angel.

For music videos, I always like to take something that I've experienced in real life, create natural, grounded performances around that concept, and then add a surreal element or twist to it.

You can also do detailed searches and select specific criteria to eliminate and narrow down potential matches. My silence should not be mistaken for acceptance, she added.I think the most important thing is never to lose sight of who you are and your purpose in life.”“I don’t take myself too seriously.People think I’m a little uptight, but I like meeting and learning about people.One day, you’re in a 5-star hotel, the next, in a below 1-star hotel.Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s what makes it stimulating.

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