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Dos and donts to dating

If you tell him you love football and you actually hate it more than cold sores, it’s no one’s fault but your own when it’s on the telly 24/7 during the season. The whole point of dating is getting to know each other, so open up and share.

Why not try something easier, such as “So we were chatting about [insert hobby/movie/topic here] on e Harmony. Keep all touching above the waist; for example, a light brush of the shoulder, which is respectful and sexy. Neither of you are under any obligation to take down your e Harmony profiles until you discuss exclusivity.

It’s happened to me and the drive home is not cool. It was like meeting Drew Barrymore but Drew Carey showed up. Now you better be charming AF to dig yourself out of that hole.2. You’re just getting to know someone so stay on your side of the fence. I actually think is okay to talk about this as long as you’re sharing learnings and revelations. A healthy conversation about relationships is a great way to learn about what someone thinks about relationships and what’s important to them. Yes, you can talk about where you’re at in life and some of your frustrations but venting about all your life problems on the first date isn’t going to make people want to be in your life.3. The more expectations you have, the steeper the cliffs you will be creating. The only way to learn about these things is to actually experience them. If you choose to leave your safe fortresss, you will learn, grow, and evolve.

Because behind every time someone uses that word, there is someone who feels ripped off, discouraged, and tired of dating. If all your photos are the best photos you’ve ever taken in your life, you will be starting with your date being disappointed. But you’re not trying to convince someone to change their personal view points. You will learn what works, what doesn’t work, what you want, don’t want. Dig that moat or go out of your castle and run free.

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But ultimately, as you guys peel the layers, you have to show your true self. And whenever we play games, there is hurt, anger, and resentment.

I mean we’re not going to act how we would around our best friends and siblings. But without communication, dating becomes a guessing game with an emphasis on game.

Do ask questions / don’t talk about yourself the entire time on the first date. It can quickly become sticky and you can write people off pretty fast. Just don’t make the entire conversation about all your exes. You can have some expectations later once it turns into something or there’s a conversation about the future and what both of you want. And I think that’s why dating gets such a bad wrap. But we need to experience all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You have to decide what should be shared and processed with who you’re dating and what needs to be processed with a therapist. We (including myself) put way too much weight on if someone’s “the one”. I’m forty five and feel like I’m running out of time. Or you can live fearlessly and you will fall and trip and get hurt.

Personal space is a real thing and some people need more of it.

” Are you out in the dating world and overwhelmed with thoughts of how you’re supposed to act and what you should or shouldn’t talk about?

I must also say that while coaching some of my ladies about why their dates didn’t go so well, the number one thing I get told (in some way) is… I am who I am.” If you’re one of my ladies that have said this…

stop that shit No one is trying to change who you really are beside you.

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