Earliest papyri nt dating

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Not all books of the New Testament are equally well-represented in our manuscripts, especially early on.

The fact that the text presents us with no new variants is partially a reflection of the overall stability of the New Testament text over time.Moreover, P137 is not the only new papyrus of the New Testament to be published in the latest Oxyrhynchus volume.Also published are P138, a third-century papyrus of Luke –17 and –30, and P139, a fourth-century papyrus of Philemon 6–8 and 18–20.When pressed for more information, Wallace refrained from saying anything new.He later signed a non-disclosure agreement and was bound to silence until the Mark fragment was published.

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As a general rule, earlier manuscripts get us closer to the original text than later manuscripts because there are assumed to be fewer copies between them and the autographs (the original copies of the NT writings, most likely lost to history).