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Note that the chance of the files being corrupt in the server is pretty low, as that's something that's always checked in a new release, but if you're suspicious about it, please report it at https:// Dev so that it can be double-checked.

Never perform any upgrade (to any equipment, not just ours) close to any deadline, performance, tour or important show. Note that reconfiguration will usually be required.

Before proceeding, it's recommended that you UNCHECK the 'Contact all update sites during install to find required software' (it will still work if you don't do that, but it'll query all the update sites available, which is much slower than querying only the Py Dev update site, which should be all that's needed to install Py Dev).

Now, select Py Dev for Eclipse to install Py Dev (and optionally the Py Dev Mylyn integration or the developer resources, which provide the Py Dev source code) and click Next.

After downloading the zip file: Extract the contents of the zip file in the eclipse/dropins folder and restart Eclipse.

If it doesn't work, try restarting Eclipse with the -clean flag (if you're a regular user and installing with admin, make sure you call -clean logged in as admin, so that Eclipse finds out about it).

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The first thing to choose before the install is a folder where you have permissions to write (otherwise, remember to install Eclipse running as an Administrator and remember to run as an Administrator whenever any plugin needs to be updated).

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