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I am not the person I was – I am a new version of me.And despite recently turning 50 I’m not on the shelf. The main thing I’ve learned, however, is that I am no longer looking for love.

Every day was a struggle to get up and function but I needed to work and support my kids through their own sadness.

’ I didn’t want to be on my own forever – nor would my husband would have wanted that.

I decided to sign up to some dating apps, asking single friends to help me write what I hoped sounded like an interesting and upbeat profile, and chose my most flattering pictures.

There were a few short term relationships but none have worked out, mainly because we wanted different things.

One guy ended things after a few dates with a text that read: ‘I don’t want to be the one to break your heart’, which struck me as particularly arrogant.

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I decided to be upfront about being widowed so put it on my profile, being clear to mention that it didn’t define me.

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