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During the final weeks of the old OCNet forum, substantial maintenance work and database archiving will be in progress in order to ensure the content from the current forum moves smoothly to the new forum. Others may jump in, but as a Catholic myself I would say that a mixed marriage (Orthodox/Catholic) is problematic. My Easter is March 31st; what if my wife's was in May?Pay attention to Board News for information on any updates that may affect you. I think there's little issue with the first, and probably with the 2nd. And the 4th is just right out unless you want to be unequally yoked to someone who may never have the same faith as you. Heck, even an Orthodox/Orthodox marriage if they can't be willing to use the same calendar (New vs. Will she be feasting when I'm fasting and vice versa? In my case, my wife had to change rite from Western to Eastern Catholic.Begun in the Spring of 1984, the group’s membership already is over 100, with a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds including Russian, Ukrainians, Greeks, Serbians, etc.

If they don’t meet anyone Orthodox, they will remarry outside the faith.

Ukrainian girls too can be members of different Christian confessions.

Christian singles dating gives couples: right to take part in Christian mysteries, as example – very beautiful and solemn ceremony of glans; possibility to make themselves sure in the pure aims and moral principles in the hearts; to have common points and values, create a classic family and resist to the dirt and madness of nowaday society.

There are no prohibitions for Russian women baptized in Russian Orthodox Christianity to marry with members of other confessions.

In the whole Orthodox doesn't dictate anything concerning the family life.

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‘84 issue of The Vigil (newspaper of the Mid-West Diocese) reinforced her concern and confirmed her thinking that nobody meets enough Orthodox singles in their usual social routine.