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Friday the 13th tattoos are a tradition in tattoo parlors where clients can get a tattoo of the number 13 for .

Hanna Beth got this “13” made out of lightning bolts on Friday January 13, 2012 at True Tattoo in Hollywood, CA.

And though she admits it's hard to definitively say what contributed to this, Hanna does hint at how she may have been preoccupied with less-than-ideal relationships behind closed doors.

"I've been in horrible relationship situations where I've been really badly mistreated, I've been verbally abused, mentally, all of that," she says.

The red ink tattoo above it says “Never Mind The Bollocks” for the Sex Pistols’ classic punk album In this photo Hanna Beth Merjos shows off her freshly-done crown tattoo inspired by the work of graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

"Now I feel like everyone wants you to be the same...The sun is just beginning to set on the LA Strip when Hanna Beth arrives — a vision of glitter and Gucci amidst the wood-paneled sports bar she's suggested for our meeting.And though stranger people have definitely wandered into this establishment before, somewhat inexplicably, heads begin to turn as she settles down in the corner with her tequila soda, a small smile on her face as she turns her attention to a waiter who desperately wants to chat her up. " He asks excitedly — a question she answers with a deadpan, "I'm a florist." And while it was meant to be a conversation-ending statement, it's something the waiter latches onto, proceeding to ask her about the floral arrangements in the bar.After all, in the past decade, ample discourse surrounding the dynamics of the Myspace emo scene has emerged, with many arguing that it had a large hand in objectifying women who — more often than not — were presented as siren-like concepts, as Jessica Hopper pointed out in her 2003 essay "Where the Girls Aren't." Other former Myspace scene queens, like Kiki Kannibal, have also spoken out about the rampant amount of sexual abuse and harassment they faced at the hands of many emo lynchpins.For Hanna though, she says that wasn't really her biggest problem — citing "the little bit of power" she had thanks to her social media presence.

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"And kids were like, 'Oh yeah, I feel the same way, too,' and that gave me something to live for." Welcome to "Internet Explorer," a column by Sandra Song about everything Internet.

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