Hindu and christian dating

Posted by / 11-Oct-2020 20:21

In medieval times a married woman used to be encouraged to give up all of these when her husband died.

This is no longer the practice in many progressive communities any more.

It is written that Rukmini's father was going to marry her to Shishupal, against her wishes.Mostly sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles are considered as signs of a married woman.In some places, in especially Eastern India, instead of mangalsutra they put only vermilion on the hair parting, wear a pair of conch bangles (shankha), red bangles (pala) and an iron bangle on the left hand (loha) while their husband is alive.In southern India, a married woman may wear a necklace with a distinctive pendant called a thali and silver toe-rings.Both are put on her by the husband during the wedding ceremony.

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