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An understanding of the coins of this period requires a basic understanding of the history, so we have included as full a listing of the dynasties involved, including many that do not appear to have issued coins.

The fall of Han resulted in a China divided among three major dynasties: Wei in the north, Wu in the south and Minor Han in the west.

The Wu appear to have been the strongest of the Three Kingdoms, as they survived for 15 years after both Wei and Northern Han had been overrun by the Chin.

As all other coins known to have been cast during the Three Kingdoms Period were high value fiduciary coins, a 50 Shu would fit into the monetary system of the period.

Mitchiner (page694) records that Sun Ch'uan, a general of the Western Han, established himself at Wuchang (Hupai Province) in AD 222 upon the fall of the Western Han.

Schjoth notes that Chao Lieh issued value 100 coins, and says they were issued following a war to capture the town of Ch'eng-tu.

Being short of funds to pay his troups he issued the value 100 coins on the advice of Liu Pa, establishing price controls to stem the inflation normally caused by such a fiduciary coinage.

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