Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions

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Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions

3: Group the tasks Try to group tasks together that are best done together.

This might include: By the inclusion of behaviors like these, you’re not only getting the right type of people into your organization, you’re helping candidates to understand the culture. The job description needs to evolve and continue to be correctly classified.

Of course there are two problems that can occur here: 1: A task is popular – more than one person wants to do it This might be handled by sharing the task so people work on it together or take turns doing it. 2: A tasks is so unpopular that wants to do it Take a close look at that task. If there are enough unpopular tasks, each person can take one or two, so they’re about evenly disitributed.

Another solution is to give the task to the person who does it the best. If the department almost exclusively has tasks that no one wants, then something is very wrong :o) After all the tasks have been distributed, let each employee write a document containing his or her list of tasks and collect all the documents in a place where everyone can see them. 5: Repeat occasionally – Repeat the exercise once or twice a year to drop tasks that are no longer necessary, to re-assign tasks so people get some varity in their jobs and to delegate whatever new tasks may appear.

If this describes your organization, check out this information outlining the purpose of a job description to make it less of a burden.

“The purpose is to ensure that you’re hiring the right people to fill the right positions.” Mary Anne Kennedy told us in a recent BLR webinar.

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