Improvements in dating of rocks and fossils Site for sex chat bablesex

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Improvements in dating of rocks and fossils

Þ see Noah’s Floor Hydrologic Sorting A transitional fossil is the supposed link between two different species or organisms, basically as one species had ‘transitions’ to another species.Transitional fossils is the supposed evidence of the gradual process of an organisms evolution to a new organism.Fossils are not found in precession, so evolutionists continually make adjustments to their findings.Such as when species of one layer are without any connection to the species of a preceding layer.

NO First of all, as shown above with the Chinese cat, evidence points to the fact that mammals ARE found throughout multiple layers, even in reptilian layers.

The opposite of the Uniformitarian’s view is the Catastrophists theory, which states that a, or multiple catastrophes, have stirred up the earth and its geologic layers to create unpredictable timescales throughout settled sediment columns of the earth.

This theory and model, we will see, fits the evidence much more thoroughly.

Evolution presumes: as you observe the higher layers of the Geologic Column, older species will “diverge” over time into new later life forms.

This will cause the older organisms or ‘less evolved’ predecessors to cease to exist as they ‘evolve’ into new reproducing species.

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Þ see In China, scientist found a “dated” 130 million year old fossil from the early “Cretaceous Period”, containing a cat species with a parrot sized (about 5 in. This evidence contradicts evolutionists beliefs that mammals evolved from dinosaurs, since we find mammal where actually preying on them and existed in the same time frame.

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