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Economic and development analysis: Perspectives on economics, society, development, freedom & social justice. The peace process is at a particularly perilous juncture.

It is critical that heads of state are adequately prepped and briefed before they arrive in Addis.

In the limited time IGAD has left to achieve meaningful progress in resolving the South Sudan crisis, it is vital that the mistakes made in the past year are not repeated.

Avoiding these errors will not be sufficient for resolution – that depends on the South Sudanese (and of course, there are plenty of other pitfalls); it will, however, make the prospect of success more likely.

The mediation needs to marshal the full force of South Sudanese society towards an irreversible peace.

Most South Sudanese – even those nominally aligned to one side or the other – have little idea what their representatives are doing in their name.

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Otherwise the summit will, at best, make little tangible progress, and at worst, go backward Make real efforts to reach out to more South Sudanese.

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