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We weren’t that stupid, and we had definitely never done anything in the school bathroom, but that simple accusation almost got this straight-A, honor roll student expelled. I’d never even received so much as a demerit beforehand.It was then that I truly learned how horrible it was to be this “thing” that I was accused of, and how powerful a small set of words could be.I was head over heels for a female classmate, and I immediately knew that the way I was feeling wasn’t OK.

Lesbian Republic is the South African dating site for girls seeking girls.

My sisters and I all attended a small, private Christian school sponsored by the largest church in town.

My dad became a pastor when I was around six or seven, so to say that I was raised in church would be an understatement. I remember the day they taught us what prayer was, and that it meant we were talking to God.

Those people taught me that I was worth loving, and they helped me learn to love and accept myself.

Maybe we couldn’t walk across campus waving our metaphorical pride flags, but we could flame on as much as we wanted to in our sacred space.

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We were, and are, a tiny pocket of super-queers adrift in a hyper-red sea where gay panic is still very real, and homophobia can be dangerously tangible.

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