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Be careful of breaking the very few protocols of the personals' column. In those first lonely hearts back in the 19th Century it wasn't uncommon for gentlemen to specify their annual income.In those days, the personals were market places for the upper-classes to advertise their business acumen and secure marriages into equally wealthy families. Honesty is a good policy at all times, but when you only have 30 words to sell yourself, it's a good idea not waste valuable wordage reliving your divorce: My main piece of advice to all lonely hearts is to relax a little. David Rose is advertising director of the London Review of Books.Cat, London/UK What do you get when you kiss a guy? The best advice I would recommend is to go out, be happy and smile. It is not a race to 'recommit' if something has gone bad within your life.

The purpose of this oh-so-discreet bureau was “introducing Ladies and Gentlemen, at present unknown to each other, who are desirous of entering into Matrimony”.

The first newspaper personal ads started appearing in the 19th Century and many magazines have had thriving columns for decades. Agencies that run small ads sections make fortunes by using premium rate phone lines and helping callers to formulate adverts.

By asking a couple of choice questions an agency is able to create a brief statement about you that is then used to make your small ad.

And now you know the answer to that familiar question.

We think of our forebears from the mid-Victorian period and ask “However did they meet each other”?

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Maybe there’s an honourable place for Mr Liston in our family stories…

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  1. But we are very good friends and talk all the time." Season: 2Status Today: In a moment viewers didn't see coming, Mike decided to propose to his cast member in 2001.