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Most importantly I'm posting the NEWEST CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY in the Indepth Biograpies section. One last thing I've changed my e-mail address it's now, [email protected] please send complements and questions their about the game, the anime, the manga, or anything else pertaining to Love Hina. See "Ages" section that appears just before Keitaro's indepth biography. Oh, and remember to take alook at the Version 2.2 update section for alot of stuff you might miss such as the Japanese Number Tutorial and the Pink Phone mystery! ______________________________________________________ 3. Tutorials When you start up the game you will be meet with four options: Start, Continue, Reply, and Photo. Tama-chan- The flying and highly inteligent turtle. I'd may not have all of them but this is just a start. Anywho I added a new section that contains as many of the attacks used in the manga/anime. This FAQ was started on 7/30/03 and has ended on 1/3/04. Motoko Fan Club Hinata Council (Three old men) Shinobu's Mother Shinobu's Father Nyamo's Grandfather Gidget Small Child w/ Nyamo Kaolla Su's hench women Evil Spirit Kuro Leon Shippu Tsuroku's New Bird This being most likely the FINAL UPDATE, their will be most likely no new material being posted, only corrections.

Nice being, "hey talking voices, cool" bad being, "kinda crackly" Anyway though the sound is still top. So their is now a little Japanese lesson on numbers. Also I've added more Japanese words in the dictionary.

Endings Indepth Guide to Love Hina Table of Contents 1. Shirai- The other of Keitaro's friends, he is the short and heavy one.

Urashima Haruka- The resident mother of Hinata, she takes care of all the problems that Keitaro faces. Haitani- One of Keitaro's friends, he is the tall and skinny one.

Kaolla Su- A foriegn exchange student from an unknown country.

(This is who you will be playing as) Narusagawa Naru- Your "main girl," she too has made a promise to get into Todai. She's in high school and basically hates all weak men or rather men in general until...

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Added winning percentages to Motoko's record, orgainized bios, put a new Fun Fact in Keitaro's Biography (Its in the middle) and I put up THIRTEEN NEW BIOGRAPHIES!!!