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Mars hill church on dating

Even under Roman rule in the time of the New Testament, Mars Hill remained an important meeting place where philosophy, religion, and law were discussed.The biblical significance of Mars Hill is that it is the location of one of Paul’s most important gospel presentations at the time of his visit to Athens during his second missionary journey (Acts –34).He begins with the observation that they were “very religious,” based on the fact that they had many altars and “objects of worship” (Acts ) including an altar to “the Unknown God.” Paul uses that altar to introduce them to the one true God and the only way of salvation, Jesus Christ.His apologetic method and his knowledge that they did not even know what God is really like leads him to go back to Genesis and to the beginning of creation.Having a completely wrong view of God, those gathered that day needed to hear what God really was like before they would understand the message of the gospel.Paul begins explaining to them the sovereign God who created all things and gives life and breath to all things.Paul completes his message by introducing them to the One before whom they would all stand one day and be judged—Jesus Christ, whom God had raised from the dead.

While at the marketplace he encountered some Epicurean and Stoic philosophers (Acts ) who, having heard Paul proclaim the resurrected Jesus Christ, wanted to learn about “this new doctrine” he was teaching, so they “brought him to the Areopagus” to hear more from him (Acts –20).We know from history that the Epicurean philosophers generally believed that God existed but that He was not interested or involved with humanity and that the main purpose of life was pleasure.On the other hand, the Stoic philosophers had the worldview that “God was the world’s soul” and that the goal of life was “to rise above all things” so that one showed no emotional response to either pain or pleasure.Driscoll was not asked to resign from the church he started 18 years ago, according to a letter from the church’s board of overseers.“Indeed, we were surprised to receive his resignation letter,” they wrote.

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These groups and others with their dramatically opposing worldviews loved to discuss and debate philosophy and religion.