Mass updating sql database ultrasound dating birth

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Mass updating sql database

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Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community INSERT INTO bought_in_control_panel(ID, PARENT_ID, BOUGHT_IN_FORM_TYPE_ID, PRIORITY, NAME, HEADING, DESCRIPTION, ICON, BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID) VALUES(109,1,28,100,'Tooling','Tooling','Enter your Machine Tools here','tooling.png',null); UPDATE ON ID bought_in_control_panel(ID, PARENT_ID, BOUGHT_IN_FORM_TYPE_ID, PRIORITY, NAME, HEADING, DESCRIPTION, ICON, BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID) VALUES( (109,1,28,100,'Tooling','Tooling','Enter your Machine Tools here','tooling.png',null), (1,0,1,200,'Bought In','Bought In','','boughtin.png',null) ); values, and update the matches with the new data.

I want to add a code to certain records in a table that match the items in a csv file on a specific field, for example entire name.

Is there a way to do this with a query or is it easier/faster to do it with a php script?

When you add a new record, Access appends the record to the end of the table.

NOTE: The cast for UPDATE bicp SET PARENT_ID = newdata.

Forms can contain any number of controls such as lists, text boxes, and buttons.

In turn, each of the controls on the form either reads data from or writes data to an underlying table field.

BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID FROM ( SELECT ID = CAST(NULL AS INT) , PARENT_ID = CAST(NULL AS INT) , BOUGHT_IN_FORM_TYPE_ID = CAST(NULL AS INT) , PRIORITY = CAST(NULL AS INT) , NAME = CAST(NULL AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) , HEADING = CAST(NULL AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) , DESCRIPTION = CAST(NULL AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) , ICON = CAST(NULL AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) , BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID = CAST(NULL AS INT) UNION ALL SELECT 109, 1, 28, 100, 'Tooling' , 'Tooling' , 'Enter your Machine Tools here', 'tooling.png' , null UNION ALL SELECT 1 , 0, 1 , 200, 'Bought In', 'Bought In', '' , 'boughtin.png', null ) AS newdata JOIN bought_in_control_panel AS bicp ON newdata. ID Caveat 1: this should be valid syntax for MSSQL, but I didn't test it and I don't know how standard all the syntax is so you might need tweaks for postgres (for instance not all query interpreters let you get away with not naming the columns after the first SELECT in a sequence of UNIONs).

Where ABCD are the column names, which relate to the database, and OLD / NEW relates to the data.

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Thus for each line (approx 2500 rows) The database values that match OLD in each column, need to be changed to NEW My current thoughts are to do it in a similar way to this: SQL Statement that Updates an Oracle Database Table from an Excel Spreadsheet Essentially getting Excel to formulate a list of replace statements, though this feels like a horribly convoluted way to deal with the problem!

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