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She even trotted out a Hollywood attorney to threaten her congregants with lawsuits should any more anonymous missives materialize.It seemed as if Scott had joined the long, sordid list of disgraced televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and, most recently, Ted Haggard, ousted from his Colorado church following allegations that he solicited a male prostitute.Having wrapped up her Sunday sermon only a half-hour earlier, she's still wearing a thick layer of makeup—a worked-over blemish on her chin cracks the otherwise pristine veneer. Scott, who was prone to off-color rants about everything from UFOs to his ex-wife ("the devil's sister," he called her).

In unison, they bark, "Tough shoes for a tough road! Gene "Doc" Scott, the wildly popular "shock jock of televangelism"—nearly 40 years her senior—to complications from prostate cancer.

("Now that you see what I got waitin' for me at home," he told the audience, "you should all be extra nice to me for comin' down here to talk to ya.") "Melissa was there, always dancing for Doc topless, showing her tits right away," recalls Jeinsen, now a swimsuit model and sometime actress.

Doc often paid his pony girls to attend church, where they acted as a kind of cheerleading squad. When she came around, I just thought, ," says Christian Shaw, son of Playboy bunny Christine Shaw, a longtime girlfriend of Doc Scott. "Doc was big on forgiveness, and he wasn't tripping on her past.

But unlike those toppled icons, Scott clung to her denial and carried on preaching.

In the years that followed, Scott avoided answering any more questions about Barbie Bridges—until now.

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At the time, Scott was married to Paul Pastore, who worked for an exotic-dancing agency called Fantasy Creations before launching a porn distribution outfit called Barbie Bridges Enterprises.