Okcupid online dating review

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Before, Ok Cupid was known for finding casual dates or hookups.Today, most members are looking for long-term dating and lifetime partners.The app does not offer any additional feature but makes the user experience better.All features of the dating site are accessible using one-hand.

The member base of Ok Cupid come from different walks of life.

Before, you can freely message any user you like on the website; nowadays, you can still send messages to other users freely, but they will only see your message if they liked you back.

According to the site, they changed the way their messaging system works to cut down the frequency of unwanted and inappropriate messages.

All of the profile fields are required to be filled out.

The initial personality test determines the percentage of compatibility between you and the other user.

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In just over three years, it was listed in Time Magazine’s Top 10 dating websites.

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