Online dating cat lover

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Online dating cat lover

A cat man is not your typical one-night stand kind of guy.By getting a cat, he's committing to a potential 15-year relationship filled with mood swings, scratched furniture and hair everywhere.It's known that dog is man's best friend, and dogs will love just about anything.Cats are only affectionate toward their owners, and you must earn their love. A man who is only into dogs does not work for love and chases the easy catches.While society still labels owning a cat as "feminine," there is nothing more sexy than a man who is secure with himself and shows women he loves something other than beer and football.

But I can't tell you because we cat ladies all sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Cat men clearly do not give a f*ck about what anyone thinks, and that includes what their bros think of them.

A man who does not follow the rules of being a "man" also lives by the same values in the bedroom.

A man who does not conform to the norms of society and is capable of having a real f*cking conversation is a win. So when they invite you over to "Netflix and chill," they truly mean it.

While they probably are still trying to f*ck you, their intentions are to watch a great movie and enjoy your company.

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Seeing the guy you're dating pick up and cuddle your cat gives you the same (or more intense) feeling as when you see him hold a baby.

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