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In one portion of the game, where Renge and Sayuri are acting as announcers at a series of event, Sayuri’s reserved nature perfectly balances out Renge’s exuberance.There’s another area where Ouran DS excels – the voice acting. The voice acting sounds absolutely perfect – you’d think you were listening to the PS2 version and not the DS one.You then have to choose the one that makes the girl, or girl and host, happiest in order to successfully pass.So there’s a slight, extra strategic element added to the game.

The Hitatchiins love her like the sister they've never had and will protect her whenever possible.

In fact, the game’s opening is the anime’s opening.

All of the voice actors, major and minor, return to reprise their roles as new characters.

It also isn’t totally a visual novel and otome game.

While it’s true that you’re trying to ideally shoot for an ending with one of the six hosts, you’re also struggling to meet a certain request quota by the end of the game.

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progresses in a manner similar to the manga and anime.

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